nav.run is an orienteering specific website that aims to make organising orienteering events easier. It is run by Chris Smithard.

Entry System

The nav.run entry system has been created to allow orienteering events of all sizes and costs take advantage of pre-entry and online payments.


  • Caters for even the smallest of events
  • Lower costs per entry
  • Simple to use for competitors
  • Simple to set up for organisers
  • Reduces the need to handle, process and bank cash
  • Reduces entry hassle at the event

Why was it created?

The site was created to help Forth Valley Orienteers and Masterplan Adventure take online entry for their summer sprint series which started in August 2018. This was a series of 9 weekly Wednesday evening events. Entry fees were between £3 and £6 depending on members/non-members and adults/juniors. The main reasons for wanting to use online entry were to speed up registration on the night, get a better indication of maps required and reduce the cash the organiser needed to handle. The events attracted approximately 50 participants a time and 80% of entries were taken online prior to the event.

How much does it cost?

The charge is 5% or 25p per entry, whichever is higher.

How do I set up online entry for our event?

Currently you just need to email your requirements to us here. In the near future you will be able to setup the event automatically from the website.

How do I get a list of entries for use at the event?

Once your entry deadline has passed we will email you a CSV/Spreadsheet with the relevant data. In the near future you will be able to download the entry data at any stage during online entry directly from this website.

Do you do refunds?

We currently don’t process refunds due to the costs and time involved but can transfer entries from one event to another. However if you’d like to offer refunds please get in touch to discuss.